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3 rounds to go. Next event is Anglesey on March 20th.

After North West Stages success, we had a few “issues” with the car (less than most). The oil leak on the transaxle and some clutch slip. When we removed the engine and transaxle and split them the input shaft stayed with the engine!

Upshot is the transaxle went to Dave Weedon, despite the pressure he is under he is trying to sort the box with new ratios on 3rd and 4th to give us some more top speed which will be really good for Anglesey and Cadwell.

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Northwest Stages 2016

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Motorsport News Rally Championship


This weekend Round 3 at Rockingham on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th.  The only 2 day event.  We are running at 75.


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“Kitty” on TV

Look out on Friday 27th Nov at 10.35 on Motors TV, Freeview channel 71, there is coverage of the 1st round of the M/Sport Rally Championship at Oulton Park.  Don’t know if the Imp is on but we were interviewed at the stage finish.

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Rallying 2015/2016

Motorsport News Rally Championship

This year we decided to enter the Motorsport News Rally championship which is a circuit based championship run over the winter months. Go to www.msnrallychamp.co.uk to see event details.

The first event is The Neil Howard Rally at Oulton Park on November 7th. We competed in the first rally at Oulton park 2 years ago and really enjoyed it , probably because we had a class win. It looks to be a really good championship. If anybody remembers the Motoring News Rally Championship it will hopefully become as popular as that was.

Kitty has had a bit of a makeover over the last few months, starting with a professional rewire. When we built the car it was for racing, and when we converted it to a rally car bits were added to the loom a bit haphazardly so all was stripped out and re-done, very wellI must say.

We also have a new engine and transaxle. The transaxle is the most comprehensive unit built by Dave Weedon, which has already had one outing and a test day at 3 Sisters.

The engine is a Shrigley Engineering ‘special’ the full extent of which may never be divulged but the class we run in is up to 1400cc and we are nearly there, its awesome and should be up to pulling 2 old fat blokes around.

I am hoping to tidy up the bodywork before the first round, but as always what once was a long way away is looming up, and we still have new shock absorbers and brakes to test. So if you want to come to Oulton and help us put the car together it may come to that.

The weekend after Oulton we are at Cadwell Park for round 2 then Rockingham in December for round 3.

We look forward to seeing anybody, especially from the Imp Club to support us, please say hello.

Ron & Alan




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Impspeed 2015

Hello Again!

Usually I comment on the fact that I can’t believe it has been one month or whatever time between write ups but this time I know that it has been ? Years.

With work and ageing parents the last 2 years have been a bit of a nightmare with little or no time to devote to anything else. To cap it all, a series of events put me in and out of hospital for the last 18 months.

Now on the mend (fingers crossed) and sadly minus 2 of the 4 parents, it is time to wind down and look after the remaining mothers and more importantly ourselves. I have a new ‘apprentice’, Lorraine, who, after months of being messed about by the Government’s reorganisation of the Probation Service, decided it was time for a change.

I still have some projects to finish but I am not up to full restorations any more. I will still be manufacturing the specialist parts which will be listed on the website along with any cars for sale. We will also be listing and selling the barn ‘full’ of mainly second hand parts for Imp models plus some bespoke Ginetta G15 parts.

Information, technical help or just a chat is still free and happily given. Updates and offers can be found on the website.



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Welcome to Impspeed


You can contact me on my mobile, which is 07967001241 or 01695 555053 or impspeed@hotmail.co.uk – just ask for Ron!

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