About Impspeed

Welcome to Impspeed. Established in 1993 from a background of motor trade with a family owned Rootes Dealership, an apprenticeship at Leyland Trucks, jobs in engineering inspection. Redundancy found me restoring Triumph TRs,  Sunbeam Alpines and Tigers for a friend.

After a while I started to get restorations myself and restored a number of TVRs, MGAs until I was  asked to restore Imps.  Impspeed was originally based in Houghton Lancashire, started by Roy Redman. He moved to Islay in 1985, when I decided to specialise in Imps in 1995 I took the name.  Imps have always been a passion (illness according to Lorraine) and once I realised that I could specialise in Imps who could resist.

I am always available for free information and help of any kind so don’t hesitate to contact me on 01695 555053 or impspeed @ hotmail.co.uk

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